Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Bubbles (EN)

Trying to get pregnant through IVF/ICSI is like blowing bubbles. I think most of us did that when we were young, or not so young (I still like doing it!). Blowing bubbles may seem easy, but it's not.

You have to have the right mix of soapy water. Not to soapy, or it will be to heavy. Not to watery, or there will be no bubbles. Then you need your ring, bubble wand or whatever to blow your bubbles through. It needs to be round and even and straight. Then comes the blowing-part. Too hard and you're just spitting soap. To soft: nothing happens. Your bubbles can be too big and never come loose, they can be too small, they can refuse to float. You need an even, steady stream of air to blow beautiful bubbles. And even if you do, anything can happen. It can be windy and you bubbles get blown away, they may land in a bush, or someone snaps it out of the air.
But every now and then, you  blow the perfect bubble. The right size, floating in front of you, like a precious gem catching the sunlight. And if you are really lucky, you can catch it back on your bubblewand and hold it again.

We blew a good bubble these past few weeks. It was not perfect, but it was good enough. There was no wind, no mean prickly bushes around, no one that would destroy it. And for a moment, it looked like we could catch it again with our magical bubblewand. The excitement of that second where you think you will make it. An instant of joy and happiness. And then, the bubble shattered. Just like that: it was right in front of us, and now it's not.

We are not really blowing bubbles but making embryo's. The good thing about embryo's is that, if they are the right size and look good, you can freeze them. So now we hope that our bubbles have frozen into tiny little snowballs. Or frozen bubbles, just like this one.

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