Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 1-11

I have been wanting to do these updates, but feared they would jinx stuff, or I didn't have time, energy or motivation. I wrote this one several weeks ago, and fingers crossed, I'm posting it. It's old, hopefully I will remember to write a new one soon!

Week 1-11

The SuperB's:
Despite everything going on, so far they're doing good (knock on wood). On each ultrasound they measured on or even ahead of schedule. We saw heartbeats at 6w3d, wiggles and waves at 9w2d and even a somersault at 10w3d. Confirmed bodyparts on ultrasounds: hearts, arms and legs, brains,fingers, a bladder and one eyelens. So, what you see below, times 2.

Pregnancy symptoms:
The sore and growing bewbs came with the progesteron suppositories - starting week 3. After that mild/moderate OHSS, then came fatigue and food cravings and aversions. Around week 6-8 nausea kicked in. The day after a GP-visit where I asked for elastic socks - although we both agreed I didn't NEED them - tingling, numb and painfull legs. That was on a busy clearing day at work, where I also experienced my first round ligament pains. Oh. And pimples. Lots of 'em.

In our second waiting week (week 4) I developed OHSS and a belly to go with it. No pants other than the yoga kinds, or I had to let them unbuttoned. After that, even there was no weight gain, I never got back to my pre-ICSI belly. Pants started to get uncomfortable at 7-8 weeks (thank you elastic button holes). I started showing after  my dad's passing, around 9w4d. Though considering the menu that week, it probably is part take-out-food showing too.

The pro.gesterone made me sleepy, the OHSS kept me awake because of shortness of breath and generally feeling uncomfortable. Since then I have been tired in different gravities, of course aided by the other stuff going on. No trouble falling asleep, but staying asleep is a challenge some (a lot of) nights. Thankful for timezones and consequently, 24/7 online twitter-friends all over the world.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Here, still.

I had been hesitant to do updates in the first few weeks. There was the moderate OHSS, lots of worries about my dad, his death, and dealings with our new house. Add the fatigue that made me want to sleep sleep sleep, add the hunger that made me want to eat eat eat.
All in all, not much time and enthousiasm for blog updates. I wrote a few, but never posted.

But here I am, on the doorstep of second trimester at 14 weeks today. Time to start enjoying this pregnancy, and if I ever want to keep score, I have to do it now, as I have already forgotten so much.

So hopefully, if I can keep it up, in the next days, weeks and months, there will be posts again. I'll do the already written ones first, so chronology might not be consistent. 

I don't know what they'll be about. My pregnancy, obviously, including the wonders and anxieties of someone pregnant after IFV/ICSI. But I would also like for this blog to be a place where I can write about the joys of being pregnant, perhaps complain a little (just a little! I'm still SUPER gratefull) about the side effects, and reflect on other things happening in my life.

I hope you will enjoy reading it. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

1, 2, 3

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, and don't know me IRL...


I'm pregnant. With twins.

More blogs coming soon!