Monday, February 13, 2012

The thaw sets in

While almost everyone in The Netherlands was concerned with the ice in Friesland (Elfstedentocht or not), I have been worrying about another frost-related subject. Our little frozen bubbles to be specific.

After the Tiny Little Positive and the BFN came the obligated one month waiting period to let my body (and my heart) heal. Next AF arrived on the first day of the year. 6 Days later we traveled to India for a vacation with parents and brother and sister-in-law. Those two weeks were... interesting to say the least. But that's a story for another time. Vacation also meant having to wait another month.

But lucky for us AF decided to come early on her next visit, at least 5 days earlier than I expected. Clinic called, appointment for ultrasound scheduled for Monday last week. All looked good, lining was thickening, one nice sized follicle in the left ovary... we were good to go! Thus commenced a new part of this infertility journey: OPK's. Also known as Ovulation Prediction Kits. Geeezz. The instructions were not all that clear to me. Use 2nd urine of the morning (said clinic's instruction).  Don't pee for 4 hours before testing (said OPK-instruction). Don't drink too much (said Dr. Google). This might prove to be more difficult than the shots!
After some worrying (most of it unnecessary - as usual) and even minor arguments with MeneerHaan because of stress, we finally got the needed double line, so I could call the lab.

And thus the thaw sets in. Not just outside - where I did enjoy the cold for many reasons, among which that I could wear the earmuffs MeneerHaan got me for Christmas. But thaw sets in the lab in the clinic where our 4 frosties sleep. They will thaw one, check if it's ok, and if so, it will warm up and be good for transfer. If it is broken, they will unfreeze the next one. So we'll have 4 chances, although I hope we don't need them. And I do hope that after being out of the freezer for 24 hours, frosty is still looking good (cause if he isn't, transfer is cancelled).

We're facing our next chance at becoming pregnant. I'm scared, excited, completely unprepared, insecure and hopeful. Let's go for it!