Monday, November 26, 2012

This week we're having...

This week we're having...

Today MeneerHaan and I are married 6 months! Can you believe it? For outsiders, it must look "picture perfect". Here we are, married half a year and a boy and a girl happily kicking away at 23w in my belly tonight.

From the outside, you cannot see that we almost didn't get married because my dad very nearly died the week before. You cannot see that it had already taken us more than 1.5 years of waiting, surgeries, medication, shots, a chemical pregnancy, a cancelled and a failed FET-cycle to have these miracles grow to 23 weeks. From the outside, you cannot see that we had to say goodbye to my dad the day after we watched a little film of our 9w ultrasound with him.

This week, we celebrate our 6 month anniversary today, our first BFP tomorrow, and Friday we remember our lost little Bob, our first baby bubble, on the same day that we're having a 24 week scan and MeneerHaan's birthday.

It's a week to remember, but also to be thankful. That despite the sorrow and the heartache, we have very special memories, each other and we have come this far with our SuperB's.

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